Policy on Circular of CBSE : No Homework & Weight of School Bag.

As per the guidelines given by the CBSE vide following circulars:

  1. Circular No. 31/2004 dated 15th September 2004.
  2. Circular No. 35/2016 dated 12th september 2016.
  3. Circular No. Acad 25/2018 dated 13th August 2018.
  4. Circular No. 07/2006 dated 4th May 2006 & Circular No. 21/2007 dated April 17, 2007 attached along with circular Acad 25/2018.
  1. No Homework Will be assigned to the students of Classes I and II.
  2. also ensure that students of class I -II carry only school diary / tiffin box and water bottles in their school bags. This is to follow CBSE Affiliation Bye laws Clause – 3.3 -c , to satisfy the board’s advisories regarding no school bag and no homework to the students upto class II.
  3. Schools are also instructed to follow the sequence of syllabus as prescribed by the Board. (ref. to Circular                  Acad 25/2018).