Ganeshji Visarjan at SSRVM Bhugaon

Ganapati the lord of buddhi i.e intellect is said to bestow his devotees with “knowledge” and “good luck”. Our school celebrates the Ganesh festival with much fervor, enthusiasm and devotion. The last day is marked by a grand Ganesh puja and Visarjan procession.

The procession in our school is synonymous with traditional Dhol Tasha. The sound of Tasha is thrilling and matching with the stokes of Dhol reverberating every corner of our school. Vibrant energy and rhythmic atmosphere created by Dhol Tasha was magical. Children could not stop tapping their feet bopping their head and getting vibe of the melody. The grandeur, the enthusiasm and that never-ending spirit with which it was played was literally giving us goosebumps. We simply embraced those beats and enjoyed the cheerful sound of booming drums. These classic moments will stay in our hearts forever.

And ultimately the bittersweet moment came. Children lovingly held their favorite deity Lord Ganesha and took the idol to the immersion area as they prepare to bid adieu. With heavy heart we bid emotional goodbye to Ganapati bappa. As the popular chant goes “Ganapati bappa moraya pudhachya varshi lavkar ya” we want him to come back soon next year.