Teacher’s Day Celebration for Staff

Teacher’s day celebrations at SSRVM Bhugaon left the entire staff of SSRVM drooling in their bygone childhood days; as the theme for the day’s celebration was childhood. Class 10th students had planned fun games like ludo, carrom, playing cards, musical chair, tailing the elephant, lemon and spoon, snakes and ladder, table tennis, race and passing the ball (courtesy games team). This was followed by a recreated and nostalgic program staged in a beautifully decorated canteen (courtesy decoration team) that had posters of Bollywood movies of the late 80’s and 90’s and a backdrop of Doordarshan logo, a school bag, lolly pops, candies, and favourite Bollywood stars.

The program began with the anchoring team staging as the news reporter for Doordarshan followed by feet tapping songs of the past by the music team, famous ads from teacher’s childhood and entertainingly humorous enactments that received huge applause from everyone. A small segment on recognising teachers’ childhood photos and dialogue delivery game for teachers also proved to be very exciting. Throughout the show, delicious biscuits, Bournvita, Poppins and yummy bhel ( courtesy food team) were served to teachers with hot Bournvita. Students enacted the Advertisement s of Nirma, Bajaj, Lijjat papad, Parle G, which made everyone nostalgic. The dramas performed by the drama team was mind-blowing. The students took everyone to the era of 70’s and 80’s with their melodious songs. As the program kept the teachers entertained, class 9 students assumed the roles of teachers and managed the entire school efficiently and a student of std 9th, Miss Ira Ghare, who played the role of the principal, expressed her gratitude and appreciated the hard work put in by teachers to run the entire school efficiently.

The program ended with a group photo followed by informal dancing by teachers and students of 10th. Everyone present appreciated the efforts of class 10th students for the great management and presentation skills and for making the day so special for all teachers. Later the school gave a grand lunch to all the teachers in” BBQN”.